Proxy Form for DeKalb County Republican Party

From DGOP County Rules, 2.5 (l):

” In order to be valid, proxies must be submitted to the DGOP Secretary via USPS or electronic means prior to any meeting, except in the case of an emergency meeting. Proxies must be assigned to a present voting member of the County Committee. No member of the County Committee may hold more than 3 proxies. The Secretary, or in the absence of the Secretary, another executive board member shall issue a report on attendance, including proxies, prior to the start of the County Committee meeting. “

It is your responsibility to communicate with your chosen proxy prior to the selected County Committee meeting. Proxies have the right to decline to vote as your proxy in any or all votes taken at the selected County Committee meeting.

If you have any questions or difficulty email for help.

Please enter your name, voting precinct and Email used to sign up with the County Committee so we can verify your status as a County Committee Member: